Tuesday, August 6th, 2019

California – Recent studies indicate consumers don’t know how to compare home insurance rates and are paying much more because of it.

Are you aware you can receive a large discount by using a small Insurance agency that will search multiple carriers? If you are currently insured and live in a qualified small agency zip code you could save hundreds per year.

For years people would get their condo insurance through big insurers directly. They just need to assumed the big providers were giving them the best deal they could. Statistics show most people who go through the process of getting one quote will not shop around for better deals. Many agencies are REQUIRED to give you multiple quotes, saving their clients time in getting the best rate. One such website CheapCondoInsurance links their customers with qualified agencies that search multiple carriers for the best price. Just like travel agents find you the best prices for exactly what you’re looking for, CheapCondoInsurance finds you the best price, across multiple carriers, for your exact zip code. They also give much cheaper quotes for people living in areas with lower crime rates – something many big carriers will not do.

What exactly do you need to do? Here is one easy rule to follow.

First you need to connect with a local agent. Don’t think about contacting a larger insurance provider before you do this. We were blown away with how much people were overpaying by not letting agencies do their comparing for them. Quote comparisons from CheapCondoInsurance are free and the costs are recovered from the other side so they make it as easy as possible.

Smart condo owners are slowly realizing that big insurance companies profit when customers don’t have good representation. Thats why larger providers skip smaller agencies to begin with. Whats more, because the carriers are so big, there’s often no avenue to complain or get better service. Small agencies are beholden to local communities so must do the best for their clients. Thanks to the internet, select agencies can bring this great service to more and more people.

With so many people saving money, more people are reaching across state and county lines to to local agencies providing better deals. CheapCondoInsurance is a way for small town agencies with better price comparisons to reach new customers and help them save. Think what you could do with the money you save!

Follow these steps to save money with CheapCondoInsurance

1 – Confirm your zip code below

2 – When Asked, choose the “Give me multiple quotes” option. This will tell them to search multiple carriers for the best quote.

3 – Think of what to spend the extra money on.